25 July 2012

somnaphon : god's favorite playmate videos (butthole surfers remixes)

videos / audio from the Somnaphon : God's Favorite Playmate c30 tape.
contains reconstuctions of songs by the Butthole Surfers.

Somnaphon : Creep
remix of "Creep in the Cellar"

Somnaphon : Kuntztrangers
remix of "Kuntz" and "Strangers Die Everyday"

a couple more are available on my Youtube Page

24 July 2012

somnaphon ||| hemretic poles video

somnaphon : hemretic poles
audio / video by August Traeger

v/a : "The Scream" (Webbed Hand Records)

Compilation curated by Loopool (Jean-Paul Garnier). All audio constructed from a single second long audio sample.

Somnaphon "Aum Generator"


22 July 2012

v/a : generic noise comp

August Traeger "digital file"

And the sequel:


And the *ahem* REAL sequel:

07 July 2012

various artists : in tongues (waxen wings)

‘In Tongues’ is made up of songs written using ONLY sounds made by
the human voice. This means no oscillators, no traditional synths or
instruments, etc. Of course any and all effects, manipulations,
modifications and resynthesis were both permitted and encouraged
in the creation of these works.

Contains Somnaphon track "and he entered the path"

01 July 2012

justin mark lloyd + various artists : minimal & juxtaposition

Somnaphon contributed to this compilation / project.

Release info:
This is a compilation of minimal tracks submitted by nearly 50 different experimental artists from around the globe. These 2 to 5-layer tracks were mixed, matched and layered by Justin Marc Lloyd. Besides light mastering, none of the submitted sounds were altered during the collaging process.