19 June 2012

various artists - walking without rhythm (Intelligent Machinery)

compilation created using recordings of singing deserts / droning dunes.

features Somnaphon track "I am an animal, ten miles long, crawling across my tongue"

18 June 2012

Somnaphon - Hello Everyone

new handmade release of previously released material, made for local consumption / trade at shows / etc.

Somnaphon : Hello Everyone

All sound / art by August Traeger

01. Eye Calypso
02. Batch Leg 34-2
03. Spermpuncher
04. Dweller On The Threshold
05. The Dutch Women's Annual Plant Races
06. Creep
07. Slow Violet
08. We Wore Silent Dresses
09. Hemretic Poles
10. Kardiness
11. Llanquihue

05 June 2012

various artists : give me a sine (Waxen Wings)

really cool new compilation released on Waxen Wings:

contains the somnaphon track "eclat ibex"

info from release:
All songs written using ONLY sine waves in their creation. All oscillations, modulations, lfo's, envelopes, etc, use only sine waves. No samples or outside source audio were permitted on this releases, unless of course the samples were of pure sine waves. Download includes full 8 panel artwork and extensive liner notes on each piece written by each artist.

track info:
a bird sleeps in my mother's mouth. it leads a vague lifestyle. (inspiration)
august traeger + pc + databent midi files + sine osc + sine mod + digital edits = somnaphon : eclat ibex (execution)