06 December 2008

Works in progress / Upcoming releases

according to the Gregorian Calendar hanging on my wall, the end of 2008 is fast approaching. it is shaping up to be a busy & productive year ahead. numerous releases are planned for 2009:

a somnaphon trilogy is being released. part 3 will be released first. it is called "Florida".
in addition to the three albums being released as a trilogy, there is a fourth group of songs that are being assembled for another possible release. several compilations will be featuring Somnaphon tracks as well. it is possible that a fifth cd could be released this year featuring all of these disparate compilation tracks.

Mr.Stonecipher Vs. Somnaphon might be coming up with an actual name for their project this year. Whether they do or not, a 2-cd set is in the works, and possibly a vinyl EP as well.

A collaboration with Carl Kruger may surface also. we shall see...

The Horsemaster's Daughter

Mr. Stonecipher Vs. Somnaphon have released a new cassette tape:

The Horsemaster's Daughter

Pure american noise.

05 December 2008

Current Releases

Fire Mind Wisdom

nightmare peyote desert music

Aves Equui

electronic audio inspired by death & dreams


electronic space music. time travel, space exploation, astral projection, etc.

Caffeine Withdrawal For Experts

a ritual audio experiment